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Mosaic. The Science of Life. Virginia Gewin. Fighting over fatigue.

Mosaic. The Science of Life. Virginia Gewin. How to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome.

DePaul Distinctions. Margaret Hoag. Radical Research

The Best Treatment For Drug Addicts Is Community. CJ Arlotta. Forbes. 

Substance abuse recovery odds increase in a community setting.  Jon Cecero. DePaul News Releases.

Nature. Virginia Gewin. Medical research: Subject to reflection

Rochester Review. Maya Dukmasova. “A different type of group therapy”

Nature magazine. Sarah Reardon Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome Gets Controversial Redefinition An HHS panel recommends changing the condition’s name to “systemic exertion intolerance disease”

New York Times. David Tuller. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets a New Name

America.Aljazeera.com  Natasha Sheriff  Institute of Medicine calls for renaming chronic fatigue syndrome

Narratively  Em DeMarco  The Brotherhood of Recovering Addicts

New York Times. David Tuller. Brains of People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Offer Clues About Disorder:

American Psychological Association’s Monitor: Beyond Tired: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome remains misunderstood and understudied. Psychologists are among those trying to change that:

Buzzfeed. David Tuller. IACFS/ME San Francisco conference:

Kent, England news story on the first OH in England:

Portland Tribune story on OHs in Portland, Oregon:

Press release on Jason’s book, Principles of Social Change: