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Gabbi Lynch

Carli Cinquegrani

Daniela Zermeno

Austin Green


Ted Bobak

Favorite Quote: “It’s rigged — everything, in your favor. So there is nothing to worry about” ~Rumi
Education: I earned a B.A. from Governors State University with a concentration in Pre-Clinical Psychology.
Research Interests: ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Substance Use Disorders/Recovery Residences, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Goals: I would like to continue doing research, earn a PhD (in psychology), and remain active in academia as a psychology professor.
Fun Fact: I have been riding motorcycles, since the age of 7.


A’Shonti McKinney

“I am an independent, first-generation college student attending DePaul University”
Major:  Psychology with a Human Development Concentration; minor in Communication Studies.
Research Interests: Prison reformation. Specifically, how we can successfully integrate black male prisoners with mental illnesses back into the community. I know that there are high numbers of mentally ill individuals sentenced to prison in the US each year and very few successful reformation/community integration programs. I want to research prison populations, rehabilitation programs, and community-integration interventions in order to develop new ways to successfully integrate black male prisoners back into the community in order to create citizens that can live healthy lives.
Goals: Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I plan to go to graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in clinical-community psychology.
Fun Fact: I am a great boxer and martial artist


Friday 5/26/17: Presentation by A’Shonti and Gabbi

Friday 6/2/17: Dr. Jason and Mayra present on SCRA Biennial research

Supplemental Readings/Materials:

How to write an annotated bibliography

Past Readings:

Friday 3/10/17: Staff culture, use of authority and prisoner quality of life in public and private sector prisons 

Is private time quality time? A national public-private comparison of prison quality.

Respect in prisons: Prisoners’ experiences of respect in public and private sector prisons

Friday 2/24/17: Housing First as an effective model for community stabilization among vulnerable individuals with chronic and non chronic homelessness histories

Tenant satisfaction with a single-site Housing First program 

2/10/17: Housing, Hospitalization, and Cost Outcomes for Homeless Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities Participating in Continuum of Care and Housing First Programmes

Chicago Continuum of Care PDF overview

Housing First: exploring participants’ early support needs

Environmental Health Disparities in Housing

2/3/17:  Jason, L.A., Mericle, A.A., Polcin, D.L., & White, W.L. (in press, 2013). The Role of Recovery Residences in Promoting Long-term Addiction Recovery. American Journal of Community Psychology

1/20/17: Blogs:  2017 (Jan. 5). Comprehensive affordable solutions to a major health problem. Leonard Jason. Oxford University Press Blog

2016 (Dec. 29). Dilemmas of a broken substance abuse system. Leonard A. Jason. Oxford University Press Blog